Learner Engagement – Discover the industry’s best kept secret

Did you know that 88%1 of learners experiencing the slightest disappoint and frustration with their learning management system (LMS) won’t return!  This is incredibly discouraging if you are wanting to engage with your learners, and especially disheartening if you are the LMS company delivering the learning. For e-learning companies, losing the learner in the first few minutes means no retention. No retention means loss of business opportunities. So if you are offering fantastic e-learning content but are struggling to get your learners to use it, you are not alone. According to research from Learning Technologies exhibitions, only 28% of employees use their company LMS as a first point of interaction for Learning and Development. That’s pretty low engagement. In a nice little ebook from Kallidus called “Discover the industries best kept secret to learner engagement”, they have outlined how to improve learner engagement.

What’s in the book?

In the ebook you will learn about:

  • Why learner experience is so important.
  • Why learners lose trust in LMS solutions
  • Why putting yourself in your learner’s shoes is key to success
  • The experience secret to great learner engagement
  • How a great experience breaks down the barriers to learning
  • How to evaluate learner experience

Unfortunately this is only available for a limited time, so download your copy from Kallidus today.   1. Research sourced from Inspire DM by Kallidus