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The Little Sweet Features of Brain Candy

The sky is the limit!

When it comes to knowledge, our ability to learn is infinite. But it’s getting the right learning and knowledge in the first place.  That’s why Brain Candy has the facility to link any type of learning directly to you for your role. For an organisation, this can save time as well as utilise learning and other areas of training that might be needed for a role. For on-boarding and inductions, you can save time by giving the information needed for a job before the employee starts.  As an employee you can then learn at your own pace and know you’ve been given the right information at the right time.

Pin-point learning

Once we’ve learned something new, it’s extremely helpful to know whether you know what you know as well as what you don’t know, even if you thought you knew it!

Brain Candy knows how to do this.  We help organisations create an evaluation to measure what you know and what you don’t.  We also add a little extra ingredients as well to see whether you are certain about what you know.  We want you to succeed and what better way is there than to see how certain you are about what you know. We want you to get this right, to be able to say “hey, I did really well and I know what I know and am confident about it!” We also want you to know your gaps, even if you thought you know it and are certain about it. So we outline in a handy colour-coded guide your level of knowledge and how certain you were in what you know.  This will help filter out any gaps in your knowledge and help pinpoint any additional learning you need. It’s that simple.

Offer insights and ideas extend knowledge

We want you to succeed in your learning.  So Brain Candy offers you droplets of knowledge in the areas you need it most.  We want to empower candidates to learn effectively by outlining why they’ve got something wrong, as well as why they’ve got it right.  Brain Candy allows organisations to add why examples of something is the way it is. It helps clarify knowledge and enable effective learning to happen right away.  This also allows organisations greater insights into knowledge, skills and learning capabilities of their employees by seeing what they need to learning, as well as enabling an additional coaching feature to help them coach their employees more effectively.

Bridge the gap between knowledge & certainty

We know that when you look at how much someone knows, we don’t know if they have guessed or a so certain about the answer that they think it’s correct.  There are so many areas that can be missed out with a traditional assessment.  So we want to give you something different.  We want you to bridge that gap between knowledge and certainty.  We want you to be certain you know your employees are succeeding in what they know.  We want to know your employees are getting it right all the time.  This is what Brain Candy does.  We help bridge that gap between being overconfident in knowing the wrong answer and showing employees the right direction in their learning so you can become confident in knowing your employees are confidently nailing their what they know each time.  We want you to succeed.  We want your employees to succeed, and we can help you get there.

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